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What age is the best to consider braces?

Though it may seem like braces are for teens only, braces can actually be an option for everyone who needs them, regardless of age. The key is really finding a trusted orthodontist who can discuss options and help create...

Continue to See Your Dentist When You Have Braces

New orthodontic patients or potential patients sometimes ask us if they still need to see their dentist while receiving orthodontic care. It’s a fair question, since not everyone knows the differences between the two professions, and might think that...

Why braces are better than they used to be

If you’re a parent whose child may need braces, good news! Their experiences won’t be the same as yours. Sure, mean kids will still be mean kids and we can’t do a lot about what may be said on...

5 Things could extend the time Your braces Are On

Once we put braces in someone, they immediately begin wondering how long it will take to get them removed and stop treatment. That answer depends on you, and how well you avoid the list of things below. Here are...

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