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Types of Braces

We have the experience and the expertise to improve your smile with the braces of your choice. We offer fives types of braces:

  • Metal braces – Enjoy a straighter smile at an affordable price. These braces are the most common, because they can remedy almost any orthodontic problem and treatment tends to be shorter than other braces.
  • Clear braces3M Clarity brackets are plastic and transparent, making them the inconspicuous. These braces are most popular with teens and adults.
  • In-Ovation R – These braces have free-sliding technology to create less discomfort and help you enjoy a straighter smile faster!
  • SPEED System™ – Minimal and sleek, these braces utilize ‘Elastic Spring’ technology to help straighten your teeth!
  • SimpliClear – An effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for the smile-conscious.

While traditional braces are still widely used, clear braces are becoming increasingly popular, along with removable appliances that can be used for mild cases of misaligned teeth. Contact DeDomenico Orthodontics to enjoy a straighter smile in Tampa and surrounding areas!

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