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What age is the best to consider braces?

Though it may seem like braces are for teens only, braces can actually be an option for everyone who needs them, regardless of age.

The key is really finding a trusted orthodontist who can discuss options and help create a treatment plan that’s best for you.

For instance, some adults may have been dealing with misaligned teeth for all their lives or their alignment has gradually changed. But now they’re at a point where they have the time and resources to do something about it.

At the same time, some parents may wonder at what point they can consider braces for their children, especially if it appears their teeth are growing in ways that might affect their future dental health, speech, or self-confidence.

We’re happy to help provide answers for any age!

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, parents are invited to begin these discussions at around age 7, which is the point when, in many children, the bulk of the baby teeth are gone and most of the permanent teeth have emerged.

This doesn’t mean that braces automatically should go on, just that an initial consultation may take place. In some cases, we may say, “Things look great” or “Maybe things could change, but let’s keep an eye on things for a few years.” Perhaps an orthodontist may suggest a removable appliance initially to begin low-impact corrections. If this doesn’t help, other action may be required later.

Adult options

Adults also benefit from a consultation, even if they haven’t spent much time with an orthodontist before. An orthodontist can share options that might work well for adult patients, including their budget and lifestyle. Today’s patients also can receive access to a product that might not have been available when they were younger: Invisalign. These interchangeable products don’t have brackets or wires, so they are difficult to notice. The aligners are to be worn all day except to brush, floss, or eat. They might be especially appealing to adults who may not want everyone to know they’re having orthodontic treatment.

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