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Living With Braces

Please call our office if you have further questions after reading these guidelines at (813) 961-1313.

Foods to Avoid

  • Before you take a bite keep these questions in mind:
  • Is it Sticky?
  • Is it Hard?
  • Is it Chewy?
  • Is it Crunchy?
  • Refer to our full list of Food to Avoid

What You Can Eat

Stick to Soft and Mushy Foods

  • Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, 3 Musketeers, Marshmallows, Hershey Bar (no nuts)
  • Bread: Soft Taco, Crescent Rolls, Soft Dinner Rolls, Muffins
  • Deserts: ice cream, popsicles, iced frozen drink, frozen and regular yogurt
  • Meat: Cut your meat off of the ribs and chicken bones
  • Fruit: Bananas, apple sauce, cut up apples
  • Snacks: Cheese puffs, Thin Potato Chips, Boiled Peanuts
  • Other: Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

Playing Sports with Braces

Braces are constantly causing your teeth to move which can result in your mouth being sore. This is why it is important to keep them protected. As an athlete the best way to protect your smile while staying active is to wear a mouthguard.

Travelling with Braces

Wearing braces doesn’t mean you cannot travel. Dedomenico Orthodontics recommends routines for your teeth during a vacation with braces.

Loose Teeth
If your teeth begin to feel loose, don’t be alarmed! As your teeth begin to move to the correct position, they become slightly mobile making your teeth feel like they’re loose. This feeling just means your teeth are moving to the right position to give you the perfect smile.

Loose Wires and Bands

It is very important to call our office and make an appointment if you think that you have a loose wire or band.Having loose wires or bands can cause irritation to your mouth, negatively effect the alignment of your teeth or cause food to get stuck in your gums.


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