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Why braces are better than they used to be

If you’re a parent whose child may need braces, good news! Their experiences won’t be the same as yours.

Sure, mean kids will still be mean kids and we can’t do a lot about what may be said on the playground, but we’re proud to tell you that design and technology involved in braces is always improving. This means, for one thing, that braces aren’t as big and bulky as they used to be.

Even a generation ago, braces took up a lot more space in the mouth. Brackets and bands were often dark, metal and generally noticeable. For some, the size of their braces often made it a challenge to speak clearly or even eat comfortably. There were also many more food restrictions, since whatever you eat would get stuck in there until you made it to the bathroom with your toothbrush.

People weren’t very excited about having their braces either, which meant lots of photos with closed mouths and/or unhappy expressions.

Today, however, products like Invisalign offer significant advantages.

  • Less noticeable. Part of the appeal of Invisalign is that braces are difficult to detect. So smile around people more.
  • Less possible pain. Invisalign is plastic-based, so there aren’t any sharp metal edges to cut your mouth.
  • No eating restrictions. Even ‘sticky’ foods that would have been discouraged, even forbidden, in the past when you had a mouthful of metal brackets, are OK to eat with Invisalign, especially since all you do is take it out at mealtime.
  • Less extra hardware. 80s kids may remember how painful and awkward add-ons like headgear or removable retainers were.
  • Easier brushing. Good dental care is still the name of the game, and brushing after a meal is still highly recommended. But at least you don’t have to worry about food getting wedged in your metal brackets.
  • Shorter appointments. Your orthodontist will want to see you regularly to change out your aligners. But the visits will be shorter and less painful than in the past when the brackets had to be adjusted.

Everyone’s situation is different, but often, due to improvements in technology, braces can be on and off faster. This means a better opportunity to show off your smile sooner rather than wondering how long it will take.

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