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The Perils of ‘One Size Fits All’: Why Custom Orthodontic Care is Vital

Not going to lie, there are a lot of things that seem cool about getting aligners in the mail.  You can change them as needed, and you never have to leave the house.

Unfortunately, that convenience is part of the challenge with aligners that the staff at Dr. Domenico Orthodontics tries to educate the community about.

A smarter approach is to consult regularly with your orthodontist. Regular appointments will help make sure you’re on the right path and are utilizing your aligners properly and safely.

Although it’s easy for home delivery aligners to claim ‘one size fits all,’ this isn’t always true, since everyone’s mouth, teeth, and jaws all have different shapes and contours, and the wrong size can actually lead to poor results.

Advantages to visit an orthodontist vs. mail-order products include:

  • Better perspective of your entire mouth. While aligners might focus on straightening teeth or closing gaps, an orthodontist can work with you on other conditions such as correcting overbites or underbites, which can both affect your quality of life, including how you chew. Many mail-order aligners specifically state that they aren’t intended to address bite patterns.
  • More attention to other conditions. A quality orthodontist likes to cooperatively with area dentists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals. If an orthodontist notices a problem with a patient’s teeth, jaw, or gums, it’s easy to communicate with the right professional to get it investigated or fixed quickly. Those receiving their products at home may not notice dental problems right away or at all.
  • Local service. An orthodontist in the community does their best to be responsive if patients have questions or situations that they need assistance with, even to double-check an appointment or ask for new rubber bands. The staff is also great about getting patients in for emergencies or even non-emergency adjustments. Many aligner programs rely on an 800-number somewhere else in the country.
  • More options. Mail-order aligner providers don’t have any other products besides different-sized aligners. But an orthodontist can provide qualified information about the best way to address individual patient needs for the best outcome. Maybe they also will recommend a series of aligners, or maybe traditional braces.
  • Post-treatment. Following a course of treatment, an orthodontist usually gives instructions or even installs a permanent retainer to prevent teeth from reverting. Typical mail-order alignment programs are simply done.

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