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Do Braces Hurt?

If you or your family are considering braces, there are always plenty of concerns that come up. Some unknowns are very valid, especially if you’re worried the cost, how long you need to wear them for, or how you’ll look.

The staff and doctors at DeDomenico Orthodontics make sure we’re always honest in our answers, but at the same time encourage our patients that some of the temporary discomfort you may experience during treatment is balanced out by the positive benefits you’ll receive once treatment is completed, such as straight teeth, plenty of opportunities to smile big, and better self-confidence around.

One common question is “Do braces hurt?” to which we have to answer: they may sometimes.

Your teeth and jaw may temporarily become sore while the braces help your jaw and teeth move. Your lips and cheeks may take a few days to get used to everything when your braces are first installed. If something happens to break, such as a bracket popping loose, it’s possible for loose wires to poke into your cheeks.

We’ll do our best to offer ways to reduce or remove this pain, such as wax that can be placed at the ends of the brackets. Or if something breaks, please contact us right away and we’ll get you in quickly to get things fixed. For our teen patients, we also can offer some other suggestions to their parents so they can help relieve any possible pain. This could include over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol.

Some modern orthodontic options don’t even have visible brackets and wires, which further reduce the possibility of experiencing any pain. With the Invisalign system, for instance, all you do is change aligners as needed while your teeth move in small amounts. You also can remove the aligners to brush and eat.

With braces or other orthodontic treatments, it’s important to keep regular appointments along with alerting us if something is needed between appointments or you have an orthodontic emergency. Please call us anytime with questions, to make an appointment, or to schedule a consultation.

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