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Your First Visit to DeDomenico Orthodontics

During the initial appointment, we will be taking computer-imaging pictures and conducting a thorough examination. We will then decide when to begin treatment.

Be sure to download our New Patient Forms below!

Because permanent teeth are still forming in the bone, a panoramic X-ray may also be taken at this visit, at no cost to you. This will aid us during the evaluation. The appointment will last up to 60 minutes, so please allow adequate time for the examination and consultation.

However, if treatment is indicated, future appointments can be made on the initial visit. The total enjoyment we have experienced in our association with both parents and patients stems from a mutual understanding and cooperation of responsibility regarding orthodontic treatment.

Our concern for the care of new patients begins with what we call the “Perfect Beginning.” We believe that care of our patients is at its best when there are no barriers between you and those of us who are here to serve you. This will ensue the most desired and pleasing results.

Anticipated Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

  • Increase in the attractiveness of the smile and/or facial profile.
  • Reduce the appearance-consciousness in critical developmental years.
  • Better function of the dentition.
  • Possible increase in self-esteem and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Increased cleanability of the natural teeth.
  • Better force distribution and wear patterns of the teeth.
  • Guidance of facial growth for better facial harmony and growth.
  • Possible increase in the longevity of the natural teeth.
  • Aid the eruption of permanent teeth into more favorable positions.
  • Possible elimination of the need for extraction of permanent teeth.
  • Possible prevention of unbalanced or asymmetric facial growth.
  • To reduce the risk of traumatic injury to protruded front teeth.
  • To possibly reduce the treatment time required for comprehensive braces.
  • Possible elimination of the need to replace missing teeth.
  • Aid in optimizing other dental treatment.
  • To possibly prevent the need for facial surgery in the future.

Dr. Ralph DeDomenico is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists. For more information,click here.

New Patient Forms

Please print out the new patient form prior to the appointment.

Medical History Forms

Additional Patient Forms

These forms are downloaded and filled out only during the course of care on an “as needed” basis.  Do not fill out for your first visit.

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