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Why You Need an Orthodontist

Many people wonder why you need an orthodontist when you already have a dentist, especially with so many easy-to-use products available to straighten teeth. While both dentists and orthodontists graduated from dental school, an orthodontists must also complete a...

Online Orthodontic Options – Not Worth the Risk

  You can purchase nearly anything through the internet, from food to furniture, to meet almost every need. There is a growing number of websites that claim to offer teeth straightening solutions and you never have to visit a...

Why People Choose Invisalign

A great smile can improve an individual’s self-confidence and make him or her appear more approachable to others. Not so many years ago, the only option for straightening one’ s teeth involved metal brackets, recent technological advancements have provided Orthodontists...

Never Too Old for Braces

Although braces are commonly associated with teenagers, adult braces are one of the fastest growing practice areas in the world of orthodontics. According to the most recent survey conducted by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), more than 1.2 million...

Two Phase Orthodontic Care for One Amazing Smile

Children are receiving orthodontic care at younger ages than ever before. Although past practices dictated that orthodontic treatment held no significant benefits until permanent teeth were present, this has proven to be incorrect. Children can experience better overall results...

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