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Orthodontic Care Delivers More than a Great Smile

Patients come to us because they want a beautiful smile, and we love to help them achieve that goal.
While this is one great advantage of orthodontic care, there are many other health benefits of teeth
straightening that you might not be aware of.

Reduce Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Crooked or crowded teeth can trap food that is difficult to remove by brushing and flossing. This food
turns to plaque and can lead to cavities. Also, the inability to floss well can increase the risk of gum
disease. Straight teeth make it easy to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Address Speech Challenges

Spaces between teeth can cause a variety of issues such as whistling and lisping. Braces will close these
gaps, as well as realign the jaw so that patients can speak more clearly.
Support Bone Health

Teeth placement affects how much pressure is placed on the jaw bone while speaking or eating. This
pressure stimulates bone growth and holds the teeth in place. When teeth are misaligned, too much
force is focused on specific places, which erodes the bone in those areas. In other parts of the mouth,
not enough pressure is placed on the bone, limiting stimulation and growth.

Aid in Healthy Digestion

Misaligned teeth also keep food from being thoroughly chewed. When this happens the food may not
be fully digested, leading to heartburn, indigestion and more. When the teeth are straightened, food is
chewed properly and is more easily and completely digested.

Prevent Sleep Apnea

Adults with sleep apnea experience many health problems including fatigue, weight gain and more.
Braces improve their bite and jaw, which creates a healthy airway that can eliminate or reduce the
severity of sleep apnea.

Reduce Unnecessary Wear and Grinding

Misaligned teeth can cause teeth grinding and TMJ as well as chronic headaches and back or neck pain.
Beautiful, straight teeth can resolve or mitigate these problems.

Expert orthodontic care means more than a pretty smile, it is a foundation of overall health and
wellbeing. DeDomenico Orthodontist is a family owned and operated practice focused on addressing
your adult and pediatric orthodontic needs. Our four convenient locations in Tampa, Odessa,
Brooksville and Lutz, as well as our extensive office hours, makes it easy to schedule appointments
around your busy schedule. Call us today at (813) 961-1313 to schedule an appointment or learn more
about our services.

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