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Care For Your Braces During COVID-19

Due to state regulations, our office is temporarily closed. We are doing our part to flatten the curve, and keep our community safe! During this time, be sure to follow these guidelines in order to maintain our orthodontic treatment. As soon as we receive word that we are able to see patients, our team will be in touch to schedule your appointments!

In the meantime…


  • Stay on track with your aligners! Wear & change them as directed.
  • If you are on your last aligners, continue wearing them! You’ll need to wear them no less than 12 hours each day until we can see you again.
  • Should you lose an aligner, try to move up to the next tray in your series. If this does not work, go back, go back to your previous aligners.
  • If you were given elastics, continue wearing them as directed!


  • Continue wearing your elastics as directed. This will be the best way to keep your treatment on track!
  • If you have a wire poking, start with wax for comfort. If you need, you can clip the wire with nail clippers or craft cutters. Saltwater rinses are great for soreness.
  • Broken brackets may happen. If they do, it’s okay! Keep it & bring it with you to your next visit.
  • While you have a little free time, it’s a great opportunity to work on your brushing & flossing techniques!


  • Still turning? Finish out those turns until you have completed the number directed.
  • Finished your turns? Take a break for now! We will evaluate your expansion at your next visit.
  • Make sure to avoid sticky or chewy foods! This will prevent any loosening of your appliance.

Please know that we are here for you! If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can call us at 813- 961- 1313 ir 813- 563- 9994. You will receive a response as soon as possible. Please be patient and know that our team is doing all we can to provide you with the best care possible during these difficult times! Stay safe everyone & remember to keep smiling!

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