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SPEED Braces in Tampa

SPEED System™ Orthodontics has been leading the way in technologically advanced teeth straightening systems for three decades.

Individuals who are interested in straightening their teeth without wearing braces for the traditional one to three years, should consider SPEED braces. Although SPEED braces are 33 percent smaller than traditional braces are, these revolutionary braces are just as effective in straightening the teeth.

More Comfortable and Easier to Maintain

No Elastic Ties

Traditional braces require elastics: SPEED braces do not. This absence of elastic ties makes these braces more comfortable. Instead of elastic ties, SPEED braces use a specially designed spring clip to tighten the teeth. This innovative ‘Super Elastic’ method is one of the newest teeth straightening techniques available.

Smaller Size

This smaller size can minimize discomfort by reducing irritation to the cheeks, gums and lips, all of which are commonly experienced by an individual wearing traditional, full-size braces. Furthermore, this smaller size decreases the amount of force and friction that is applied to each tooth, which allows the patient’s teeth to move more freely.

Less Noticeable

SPEED braces smaller size makes them less noticeable; therefore, patients feel more confident when they smile.

A Streamlined Design

The small size and streamlined design of these braces greatly reduces the possibility of food becoming trapped in the brackets. SPEED braces are also much easier to floss and brush than traditional braces are; therefore, patients do not have to sacrifice good oral hygiene habits while they are improving their overall smile.

SPEED System™ Orthodontics – A Revolutionary Design

A leading North American Aerospace company is responsible for manufacturing all of the products that SPEED offers. This Aerospace company is also involved in developing high precision components for both military and commercial aircraft. The expertise used to create the ‘next generation’ of the world’s most advanced aircraft is the same expertise that goes into creating SPEED’s revolutionary orthodontic system.

At DeDemonico Orthodontics, we know that a beautiful smile can improve an individual’s self-esteem; therefore, we strive to provide our patients with the fastest and most discreet teeth straightening solutions available.

For the convenience of our patients, we offer several locations along Florida’s Central West Coast:

  • Tampa
  • Lutz
  • Brooksville

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