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Why People Choose Invisalign

A great smile can improve an individual’s self-confidence and make him or her appear more approachable to others. Not so many years ago, the only option for straightening one’ s teeth involved metal brackets, recent technological advancements have provided Orthodontists with several, less noticeable options. One such alternative is the revolutionary Invisalign® clear orthodontic aligners.

Invisalign DifferenceInvisalign’s® orthodontic aligners are custom-made retainers that are designed to slowly change the position of the teeth over a specific length of time. These form-fitting retainers use a method that is similar to the method used by traditional metal braces; however, Invisalign retainers are invisible. Furthermore, these retainers are removable. Invisalign® offers patients all the benefits of traditional metal braces without the typical restrictions. For the majority of patients, the convenience and invisibility of these orthodontic aligners sit at the top of their benefits list; however, there are other benefits associated with choosing Invisalign®.

5 Benefits of Invisalign® Orthodontic Aligners

1. A Decrease in Self-Consciousness

Wearing visible braces can cause an individual to feel even more insecure about his or her smile; however, Invisalign® is a nearly invisible solution for misaligned teeth. Clear aligners allow a youth to forego the stress from potential taunting sometimes exhibited by their peers.  In addition, adults can straighten their teeth in such a way that their co-workers may not even notice.

2. Invisalign’s® Orthodontic Aligners Are Effective

Invisalign® can address overbites, under bites, overcrowding as well as gaps between the teeth. During treatment, several versions of retainers are created to make slight adjustments to the teeth. These retainers consist of an acrylic or clear plastic material designed to fit snugly over a patient’s teeth.

3. Reduced Treatment Time and Convenience

Treatment with Invisalign® generally takes no longer than 24 months and in some cases, less than one year. The treatment time depends on the number of teeth that need to be rotated or moved.  When compared to individuals who choose traditional braces, the amount of time spent in the office during a visit tends to be shorter for Invisalign® wearers.

4. With Invisalign®, There Are No Food Restrictions

While metal braces come with an array of food restrictions (e.g., raw carrots, popcorn, raw apples, gum and candy, etc.), Invisalign® orthodontic aligners are removable; consequently, there are no food restrictions.

5. A Cost Effective Solution

For most patients, their dental insurance plan will cover a portion of their orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®; in addition, for the remainder of the balance, we offer our patients the opportunity to apply for CareCredit. Once approved, patients pay the remainder of their balance with convenient monthly payments.

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