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Dangerous Teeth Whitening Practices Promoted on Social Media

At DeDomenico Orthodontics we understand that a beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth. Recent “teeth whitening hacks” that have become popular on many social media platforms are worrisome because they can cause severe damage to your teeth. Here are 5 “hacks” are especially harmful to your oral and overall health:

1. Lemon Juice.

Old-fashioned remedies are making a comeback, including using lemon or even strawberries as inexpensive teeth whitening options. Lemons and other fruits contain citric or ascorbic acid, making them dangerous to use on teeth. Undiluted lemon juice actually leeches the calcium from teeth, so just don’t do it.

2. Lemon Juice and Baking Soda.

Some people try to get the whitening benefits of lemon juice while neutralizing the acid baking soda. This simply compounds the problem since the acids will still absorb the calcium and the baking soda will erode the enamel. Not a good combination.

3. Rubs.

There are a variety of rubs, from sea salt to wood ash, that are recommended to whiten teeth. These substances are combined with water or vinegar and purportedly whiten teeth. While there may be some slight improvement in color, it is because the abrasive nature of the rubs scrubs away the enamel of the tooth. In addition, many of the materials recommended for rubs, such as wood ash, can be highly toxic and dangerous to your health.

4. Oil-Pulling.

The concept of oil-pulling, or drawing oil through your teeth, to trap toxins and whiten teeth has been around a long time. The latest fad of using coconut oil has prolonged this myth. There is no scientific evidence that this process actually whitens your teeth. The good news is that at least it won’t harm them.

We help our clients obtain their best smiles. Follow a proper oral hygiene routine, and use American Dental Association approved whitening techniques if need, to keep your smile bright.

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