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DeDomenico Orthodontics Blog

Take Care of Your Braces While Enjoying Your Vacation

Summer is almost here and many families are looking forward to enjoying time together on vacation. Whether you’re lounging on a beach, hiking in the mountains, or exploring a new place, be sure to take care of your braces...

Adults 50 and Older May Need Braces, too

We are used to seeing kids and young adults with braces in their teeth, but today older adults are getting braces, too. Unless there is significant bone loss or gum disease, people who are 50 and older are good...

Orthodontic Care Delivers More than a Great Smile

Patients come to us because they want a beautiful smile, and we love to help them achieve that goal. While this is one great advantage of orthodontic care, there are many other health benefits of teeth straightening that you...

Dangerous Teeth Whitening Practices Promoted on Social Media

At DeDomenico Orthodontics we understand that a beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth. Recent “teeth whitening hacks” that have become popular on many social media platforms are worrisome because they can cause severe damage to your teeth. Here are...

Why You Need an Orthodontist

Many people wonder why you need an orthodontist when you already have a dentist, especially with so many easy-to-use products available to straighten teeth. While both dentists and orthodontists graduated from dental school, an orthodontists must also complete a...

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