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Jessica’s Smile Corrected with Two Phase Treatment

Many parents believe that orthodontic care is only appropriate after a child loses their primary, or “baby” teeth. However, it has been proven that children experience better overall results when orthodontic intervention occurs at a younger age. Today, children are receiving orthodontic care using a Two Phase process that starts when they still have their “baby” teeth.

Jessica came into our office with several orthodontic issues while her baby teeth were still present. She is a great example of using the Two Phase treatment. Initial orthodontic observation found:

  • Protruding teeth
  • Significant gap between front upper and lower teeth resulting in poor bite
  • Severe overlapping with space between two front teeth
  • Lower teeth crowded and off-center – shifted to child’s left
  • Upper jaw narrow and lower jaw deficient in length compared to upper jaw



Jessica was treated with a Two Phase treatment plan. The goals were to:

  • Correct spacing of all teeth to improve smile
  • Widen upper jaw and correct bite to avoid premature wear on teeth
  • Eliminate mouth breathing

Phase One began immediately to intercept problems at the earliest possible stage. Treatment included rubber bands and growth modification devices. Once permanent teeth came in, Phase Two utilized conventional braces with wires. Treatment lasted 24 months and included monthly visits lasting 20-30 minutes each.


The end results were extremely satisfactory. Patient compliance benefited the process and all our goals were met using the least invasive methods possible. Follow up includes the use of a retainer 24 hours a day for the first year. Then, in the evenings only to maintain alignment.